Wrong Perception of Leadership.

Leaders of the home are parents the man is the president and his wife is his vice. (credit: shutterstock)

Because of the kind of leadership we were exposed to in Africa the meaning of leadership to many of us is lopsided but what with the long years of military dictatorship in virtually all African countries and their model of leadership.

Leadership is more of charisma and influence and NOT raw power and crude authority.

If you feel you’re a leader because your children run helter-skelter when you arrive home then your home typifies colonial era in a contemporary world.

Mr. Cat told his fiancée that once he meows all the rats in his home will cheetah and scamper to safety – no thanks to panic attacks and phobia his voice instills in them.

He later does that and lo and behold his prophesy came to pass and he concluded by saying, “Can you see I’m a leader!”

No tell him he’s not but a colonial master!

Mrs. Onipetesi had told her husband in February that their living room roof was leaking and she noticed that when they experienced the first rain of the year.

Her husband, Dr. Onipetesi however heard but didn’t heed her advice and she keeps reminding him … months later the rains came and burgled their home and their living-room became the river a toddler must use canoe to navigate.

Their rug, couch, electronic gadgets … were all afflicted no thanks to the injuries inflicted on them – in fact some were fatal. At the outset Dr. Onipetesi needed just #1,500 to carry out the repairs now he’d cough out #150,000 to repair the damages.

Leadership doesn’t start and end with the leader, in fact true leaders make more leaders and not followers.

They lead from all sides and since they are ideally at the front and forefront – they perform better when they change positions regularly – to behind, middle … that’s dynamism and true leaders are dynamic which makes them perceive issues, events … from different perspectives and proffer lasting solutions.

Ramadan is here; Happy Ramadan in advance.

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