Bae That Rings Bell.

Critically-acclaimed Pop star David Adeleke (Davido) with his bae and partner Chioma Avril.

Many say a man can’t, won’t change because of a woman but a woman can make a man change because she’s the key made for his keyhole and when this key enter its keyhole it’s ‘oh, so wonderful’. 

There are many men people had closed their case-file on marriage because the boys in them won’t allow the man to breathe and so they go chasing skirts uptown, downtown, offline, online but the day such meets his princess loading … queen the puzzles start making sense.

Now one man’s wife is the mistress of another and vice-versa and when a man meets his mistress bells may not ring but when he meets his wife there’s always showers.

I’m seeing lots of changes and not just changes but transformation in the life of Davido and we can’t but say kudos to him and his bae Chioma Rowland!

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