The Exception Rather Than the Rule in Love and Life.

Balanced equation – they say men are gifted in making money and women are skilled in spending same, how true? (credit: shutterstock)

The woman (wife vs mistress published on this site on Sunday) who knew her hubby of 11 years was into extramarital affairs and knew his mistress had gone through hell and had wined and dined with pains and agonies including jealousy, and an admixture of envy and jealousy, not ignoring low self-esteem and insecurity.

Perhaps she had also tried many remedies that failed but if she had informed her hubby that she was fed up and sought divorce, did you know that that singular gesture could change her hubby for life?

BUT only if he sees her as crucial to his life and prefers her to his mistress. And that’s what separates a wife from a wonderful wife.

We don’t condone or endorse men’s attitude of extramarital affairs but it’s advisable that as a woman if you can’t bear it then seek divorce instead of trying to pay him back in his own coin.

Ideally women don’t go drinking, then sleeping in ditches and misbehaving in public, they don’t carry guns to rob people so why should you as a woman stain your white fabric because you saw oil on your hubby’s? Women are special breeds in many rights, though many are now specialists in extramarital affairs.

Be that as it may, now I won’t chastise this woman for going physical on her hubby’s mistress of 11 years for I don’t have to be in her shoes to know how she feels but it’s wrong to fight in public or private even as a man much less a woman but calling you names is unfair!

People hardly change but sometimes they also do!

Exception rather than the rule:

The rule is: ‘Men have high libido and passionate about sex’ even American music artiste Ja Rule will attest to that and our own Jah Bless won’t dispute either but in your own family it could be the other way round and so it’s your wife that pursues and pesters you for sex which is not unusual though the reverse is the norm and much more common. That’s the exception not the rule.

Women love money and it’s not unusual for a man’s fiancée better still wife and mum to go on regular fasting and prayers so he could secure a better job after all they know he’ll sure take care of them but it’s also a life where a man’s wife or his mum may not want him to have money let alone rich or wealthy and may work assiduously against this.

That’s why contexts differ and no hard and fast rule in life.

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