Fertility Issues in Marriage.

Baby shower of American celeb couple William Ray Norwood Jr (Ray J) with wife Princess.

The day Phoebe secured admission to college was the day she conquered the issue of admission, but not graduation which is her next major hurdle and so she works and looks forward to that special day that the title Bsc or whatever … will be attached to her name.

Challenges are ubiquitous in life but are also relative and so one’s man pressure is another’s pleasure.

After their wedding most couples start looking forward to becoming parents and so wedding triggers another challenge – the need to become parents which is the desire for another title aside wife and hubby which is dad and mum.

Cynthia and Jasper based in the UK got married but basically for companionship, in other words they don’t want kids not even one but Emma and Imabong in Nigeria see 9 months of gestation as 9 years vacation – for it’s too long to wait to finally become proud parents but life happens and the 9 months actually changed to 9 years yet no child.

In this long period of waiting believe me Cynthia would think women go to their backyard to pluck pregnancy and paste in their tummies because every woman she sees will be pregnant or carrying her baby.

Whereas it’s not like that but because she’s so sensitive to this issue ‘9’ in 10 women she meets are either pregnant or carrying their babies which is a disservice and this makes matters worse for her.

Emma has issues to contend with too but the fact that an ideal person believes that women are responsible for infertility makes his injuries less traumatic yet cancerous. He’s always seeing dads bringing their infants to barbing salon, football viewing centres, car wash … he also sees men he feels were far younger than him carrying their kids at the shopping mall while their wives carry grocery bags ….

And stress is war for all. The student under undue stress in the examination hall may likely perform below expectations, the staff too anxious before her interview panel may fail her promotion interview, a man too desperate to have a woman’s contact may lose confidence and begin to stutter, “Hi, hell … hello … sister, babe, I … I’m Derrick, I … I work at   ….”  

Medics define infertility as inability to conceive after 12 months of having consistent and unprotected sex.

Therefore there’s something wrong with couple Emma-Imabong even if medical science says nothing is wrong with them and because there’s an underlying issue which may or may not be identified it combines with stress and their issue could move from 4 to 8, 16, 32 .

So how could couples in Emma-Imabong shoes stay cool, calm and collected in the midst of their coup?

Expect articles on this and related issues and many more.

Good morning and have a big, beautiful day ahead.

Expectant couple, The William Norwoods.

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