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My Take on Abortion.

Expectant couple. Super Eagle’s player William Troost-Ekong with his intimate.

I don’t know if abortion is silencing an unborn baby or sending the guest back to where he came from but if you’re euphemistic by nature you’re likely to choose the latter option but that doesn’t blindfold the fact that a potential baby had been denied opportunity of life.

Osmond owed Desmond some money and when the latter came to ask the former for his money it degenerated into serious arguments.

This snowball into fisticuffs and in the end one of them lost his tooth and unfortunately the other lost his soul and the one who lost his tooth managed to escape capital punishment but bagged life imprisonment.

Babies fought with none, and in fact they were invited to life by the decision of two consenting adults in this case so why should they be rejected?

If the baby in the womb is a threat to his mum then abortion isn’t an option, but under normal circumstances it shouldn’t be considered.

Adults are mature enough to take decisions and bear the consequences of their actions but if an adult said ‘no’ to contraceptives then she should face the music by saying yes to baby, the results of her inaction – and yes action.

Contraceptives protect people from contracting STIs which are life-threatening and the other good in this good attitude is that it also serve as bouncers, thereby preventing unintended babies from gate-crashing into life but should mistake happens then it’s advisable you turn the mistake to miracle.

It’s mistake to intimates but miracle to the baby so please let her live. Literally speaking now, live and let live.

Many times in advancing the rights of some persons we’re simultaneously abusing the rights of another but we may not know because the victims (unborn babies in this context) are helpless and voiceless.

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