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‘Staying fertile While Contesting With Infertility.’

2015. Kenya Moore – Miss America 1993, actress, TV personality and entrepreneur. She seems to be rehearsing her baby bump.

Perceiving Your Issues From Another Perspective:

Did you know that some people marry basically for companionship and practise protected sex just to avoid children?

And that’s the same child(ren) you wanted so badly, so desperately that you put yourself in the mood, mode that won’t make babies want you?

Now you and the couple highlighted here are humans after all so why is their peace your war? I know it’s not easy but you need ease to realize your dreams.

It’s good to have kids, awesome to be parents but if you don’t, someday you’ll bid the world farewell and if you do you’ll leave the world behind as well so kids are part of life’s journey but not life itself.

Catholic priests and sisters lead celibate lifestyle which means they don’t engage in sex much less derive pleasure in same, let alone have children yet they are not depressed, desperate nor in despair, instead they go through life smiling, happy and fulfilled. For crying out loud celibates are humans just like you and I.

Some parents lost their only child (sometimes children) at old age after spending their youths to raise and nurture same but you failed to acknowledge this and be full of empathy.

Some parents have kids and these children end up killing them or vice-versa.

Getting peace in the middle of your war:

Realize you’re not the only one in infertility shoes and there are many in your shoes who chose to enjoy their lives to the fullest and interestingly this ‘good’ (gratitude, peace) is invite to another ‘good’ (fertility) and they end up being parents.

Testimonies abound of couples who had their first child after 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 even 30 years of marriage but they didn’t die before their success.

Yes because they had faith which numbed their fate and they didn’t fail to live and breathe otherwise they won’t be alive to see their fulfilled dreams.

So? You need to stay healthy, breathe, free your mind, feel free, see sex not as a means to an end – so enjoy sex and life otherwise you might commit ‘suicide’ before your success.

Define your life with positive, awesome and wholesome words.

Forget what people say or are saying, ignore what you’re seeing or feeling because many times your mind will make a mountain out of a molehill but only if you allow such.

Don’t be like the man who found himself in a tunnel and saw a lion running toward him and he knew quite well that his only route of escape was to run just 10 metres toward the lion to access the exit and quickly cover the opening but because of extreme and intense fear of the lion he tried to cover the next escape route which is running away from (and this is 700 metres away) and sure he can’t, won’t cover that distance before the lion will pounce and maul him.

Fertility demands serenity and deserves opportunity.

The serenity lies in you and it’s peace of mind, self-love with gratitude; while the opportunity is outside of you – drugs, sex, positive attitude, healthy lifestyle ….

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(image credit: Kenya Moore/Instagram)


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