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What Do Women Want in Love?

In love ladies have expectations as women but their experiences in life differ. (credit: social media)

What men want in love is what women also ask for but where one desires spoon the other wants fork, where he demands shoes, she calls for socks.

Men want respect; women crave affection, men want to be in control women want to hold the remote-control, where men want authority his female version craves safety, paraphrased she wants to feel secure and security encompasses many types – emotional, financial, social, spiritual ….

On the average men are more economically independent and of course richer which makes men have more money (in terms of quality and quantity) and women have beauty and ‘own love and sex’ after all you can’t go asking or demanding what you have and that is expressed and experienced when men go after women for love and intimacy.

Men are obligated to take care of their women, but women feel it’s their birthright to tax men same way men feel women owe them sex.

That’s why on a good day it doesn’t take time before a man starts spending after meeting a woman he fancies. He starts buying airtime to call, text, chat … and even credit the lady’s phone … and not long after they start dating she could start (overtly or covertly) demanding for money, gifts … and he might start pestering her for sexual intimacy.

Note however that generalizing this to all men and women is stereotype. Not all women demand money from men in fact some women pay their partner’s house rent, school fees … and not all men fall in love just to source sex.

Remember there are many relationships devoid of sex until after marriage.

I access one funny but very engaging information on social media – where it was asserted that women detest men who don’t have money and the question was hurled back at men – ‘you as a man do you like your penniless state and status? How smart!

Members of both gender love money and are passionate about same however as a woman if you’re dating a man basically for his money he’s smart enough to know and may not take you serious let alone choose you as life-partner so work and earn your money or seek skills to make money.

Men are not money-making machines same way you are not a sex toy nor baby-making machines. However that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask for favour, after all every right thinking man will be glad you did.

Now if in your wildest imaginations you can’t date the man you’re currently dating but for his money then money is your master and you’re the slave and you’re living in colonial era in contemporary times.

Women are similar yet every woman is unique in her own way and that’s what makes them dissimilar in some contexts. On a good day virtually all of them play hard-to-get but the duration differs.

Tola played hard-to-get for 6 months, Tolu did similarly but for a year, Tayo proved stubborn for 2 years; Nkechi interpreted her ancestral scripts for 2 weeks, Chika had fallen in love with Uche a long time before they began to interact but she hid her feelings for 6 weeks.

Dorothy told James after their third meeting and numerous chats and calls, “If I say I don’t like you I’m joking and deceiving you so I’ll give you a chance but you’ll be on probation and if you give me any reason to doubt your genuine love for me I’ll call it quit.”

Nonetheless if a man didn’t ask a woman for love because he wasn’t interested in dating or for other reasons, the woman might ask for same without actually asking and may not play hard-to-get in this circumstance.

Truth be told women have some traits in them that make an ideal man double date but many if not most won’t admit it but perhaps this has a link with the need to preserve posterity – many centuries back.

Daniel meets Daniela and over time both fell in love and Daniel later expressed his feelings for her but lo and behold Daniela began to threaten the poor guy … and months later he met Charlotte, though Daniela still has a place in his heart … but no going back and so he begun to date Charlotte.

And when Daniel was no longer interested in Daniela, she took special interest in him and before long they started dating.

Now where’s the place of Charlotte in the scheme of things?

I bet Daniel may decide to play smart by double-dating. One gave him love when he was rejected and afflicted with lovelorn and the one who injected bile and solitude in him later came back – this is quandary and so he might decide to play safe by keeping both!


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