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Bedtime Café (dreams vs nightmares)

To many couples bedtime is playtime. (pic source: pinterest)

Dreams and nightmares usually come from our day-to-day experiences, in fact they could be termed extension and expressions of our experiences so many times they don’t have spiritual undertones.

In the past few nights I don’t know how many women the world over had dreamt of getting married to Prince of Sussex Harry?

I don’t know how many Daniels, Daudas and Daudus slept as Mosunmola only to hear an angel whispering to them in the middle of sleep “Oya bosinuola,” and they dramatically became Femi Otedola but before they revert back to Durodola one of them had roared in his sleep – 

“I’ll fire you Falila and hire another PA who can smartly handle my business in my absence so I can globe-trot … go on vacation to Dubai and lodge at 7-star Al-Burj-Arab and from there I’ll carry myself to Caribbean. #2m per month isn’t joke …” and his wife suddenly woke him up saying, “Darling, darling … honey … daddy Dada, stop dreaming! Wake up. Rise up! You’re here beside me on a 1-star bed and you’re claiming 7-star hotel in your dreams! Anyway I claim it in Jesus name!”

Teddy was sweating, talking in his sleep, “CR7 release the ball to Benzema now, hey Hala Madrid take your chances … otherwise these boys from Anfield will punish you, they don’t respect grey hair, please, please don’t let me down, I don’t want to lose my £1000!”

I can hear Esther smiling in her sleep and saying ‘I do’ but to whom? I don’t know!

I can see and hear Mojirola talking to her rival Mojisola in her sleep, “Leave my boyfriend alone, ashawo, he doesn’t like you but he loves me yet you won’t leave him, Madam brothel, Madam broth but no brains … leave my Prince charming alone ashawo!”

Note: those voices are not audible but very loud in their sleep (dreams) except the Dubai man highlighted earlier and Matthias loading ….

Alas Matthias was caught in the crossfire between armed robbers and policemen in the premises of a commercial bank and was screaming, sweating, trying to dodge, duck … but his wife sleeps notoriously like ice-cream in the refrigerator.

Meanwhile his mum who came visiting thought it was her son fighting with his wife and was already banging their door and the moment Matthias woke up he began to panic and voiced silently, “Ah God so dreams can turn real mogbe they are here!”

Dreams add bliss to night’s sleep, and nightmares are silent but atrocious bullies. Dreams we love and cherish, so sweet dreams to you all!


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