Engaging Church Testimonies.

Congregants giving testimonies in church. (credit: scoan.org)

We are all testifiers for we’ve all got testimonies but many times we take many things for granted because we see them as our birthright and so we’re automatically entitled to them. However I’m not saying only church testifiers show gratitude to God

Let’s access the testimonies of these Christian testifiers.

Patricia says, “I want to give thanks to God for sparing my child through all the illnesses and stress associated with infancy and giving him life and health to celebrate his first birthday. After our wedding, there was nothing like honeymoon for us in fact my husband travelled overseas the next day and didn’t return 11 months after and I’d have been too lonely and that could mean temptations but God so good I got pregnant first time on our wedding night and while he was away a part of him (my baby) was keeping me company all the way!”

Victoria’s Testimony: “I want to thank God for his faithfulness and everlasting love. I thank God for the last testifier and I in particular. I slept with my husband for more than 2,400 times before I finally conceived and if you care to know how I arrived at that I waited for about 10 years after marriage to conceive … do the math.”

June’s Testimony: “All say ah and hallelujah. I lost my parents when I was just 16 and to sponsor my education through college I’d to work like factory machines, sweat like a man who stole something on a hot summer afternoon and used his sweater to conceal and in the end I hugged summa-cum-laude.”

Mark’s Testimony: “I want to thank God for the experiences I’ve garnered all these years for I worked 10 times better than an ideal person yet couldn’t make money to sponsor my own education in and through college but after college I couldn’t get job and the skills I’ve gained many years back employed me automatically. Yes I went into consulting and branding.”


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