How You Contribute to Domestic Violence.

A honest and caring heart seeks peace which is password to love and bliss.

How You Contribute to Domestic Violence’ tries to clue you on the fact that domestic violence many times is a choice for we contribute to it or fail to take decisive steps against it.

Saying no to domestic violence actually, truly begins with you, yes by not giving or receiving. As a man don’t use your fists to settle scores maybe begin discussion or end arguments. As a woman don’t let your mouth push you into that depth you can’t swim.

Women have their type of aggression (emotional) which they express behaviourally, verbally even in songs. Their fangs are in their mouths and men have theirs in their arms but as adults we have the skills to manage our weapons without causing harm to us or another.

Everyone has an element of aggression in him or her but it takes someone, something to force out the volcano and that’s why some men partake in fanning the embers of domestic violence in one home and when they change home by remarrying they hibernate and you imagine what happened and how they dramatically changed!

Yes and no! if you kick your Rot it could say sorry by burying its fang in your flesh but if you stroke her body tenderly it will wag its tail which is homage.

The same Rot that gave you injections and subtracted some blood from you is also the same dog saying, kade pelori oga mi.  Did your Rot heard your pastor preaching and decided to change? Of course no!

A woman who has undocumented PhD in violence will raise the 0.5% violence in her husband to 50% and should they go their separate ways and the woman marries another man say one with 30% aggression she will pinch, punch him mentally and peak his aggression till he turns to volcano!

Meanwhile her former hubby who has 0.5% aggression may have his aggression drops to 0.3% –  if he marries a wonderful woman. Hope I’m making sense?

And may enjoy his second marriage but his ex-wife may likely separate or divorce again because she’s the one who’s got explosives and detonating them in various lives and homes she build via marriage.

In rounding off, as a man and as a true leader learn discipline and exercise restraint no matter what. If your home is too unbearable because your wife is laying eggs of abuses, insults and invective walk out – go out and breathe and you’ll feeling better.

Staying in that heated environment will boil your blood and that’s temptations. But if it becomes too alarming then seek counseling for you both or go your separate ways rather than inflicting pains on your partner.

Now madam learn to curtail your mouth. An ideal man reacts with his fist when he’s pushed to the wall and your tongue apart from being a double-edged sword if not managed, it has the energy of a buffalo which could push a man to the wall at will.

Humility apologizes and caring heart forgives but pride and selfishness betrays love more than anything else. (image credits: social media)

Say no to domestic violence.

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