Bedtime Café (Insomnia at the Gate of Sleep)

Sleep is next door but could be miles away when we combat stress.

It was Sunday night and Monday was a public holiday so Walter Walker had made up his mind to propose to his girlfriend of 9 months, Nancy and he’ll do that in few hours – Monday night to be precise.

He finished his exams earlier in the day and told all his friends and colleagues not to call him. “For this exams I sent sleep on sabbatical leave and now I want to sleep for at last 12 hours, so guys don’t call me till around 10am tomorrow. And for the first time in my life I’ll sleep for 12 hours after finishing my exams,” he had voiced and bragged while leaving office that evening.

But as he was planning to go to bed his phone had beeped and he knew it was a text message so he picked at once and checked.

The message was from his ex, Magdalene and the content reads:

“My darling Walter, I’m sorry for what happened … you hurt me but I shouldn’t have hurt you back please forgive me. I loved you babe and I’ll always do please forgive me once again and take me back.”

Walter loved Magdalene and he knew Nancy may never be like her but he had planned with his family and colleagues and even the media and had spent m-o-n-e-y, time preparing, rehearsing the drama, suspense, intrigues … associated with his proposal.

But now his first and true love had emerged from the blue and that’s sea of okra in front of him which he can’t swim without getting stuck and behind him was ice (thick snow) that’s ready to bite him – and frost bite unlike dog bite is first and false bite.

Now Walter Walker must swim the ice-cold water in front of him. Yes like the type of bone-chilling sea waters after the titanic pathetically sank, or maybe walk the Sahara desert on a very hot afternoon.

And the sleep he needed so badly waved him bye-bye. How pathetic

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