Hydra-headed Nature of Ignorance (II)

  It’s ignorance and arrogance to see and say wives who do pedicure and manicure for their partners are slaves or better still illiterates. (credit: social media)

You went to a seminar and you were told that ‘beauty and bed doesn’t keep a man and only the man that wants to be kept stays faithful in marriage,’ and so you neglect your personal hygiene, beauty regime and you were no longer passionate to satisfy your hubby in bed … and months later you heard that his secretary was carrying his baby.

Truth be told there are many pathological criminals and job or no job they will go into crime and there are thieves and armed-robbers who wouldn’t go into the crime of stealing, robbing if they got jobs, and finally there are many more youths who will never go into crime even if they remain jobless till the end.

In love and intimacy now – your hubby could belong to the class who help themselves if you help them and once the help sinks they lose control and go berserk. So cut, contain his excesses and he will control maybe curtail the remaining.

Guilty conscience at times helps men by stopping them from patronizing outside love but if you deny him his conjugal rights he will feel justified to seek ‘help’ outside and that’s offside for you both!

Ignorance meets with ignorance – the facilitator and you ‘connived’ to gift a child to the woman desperate to become a mum even without rings or promissory ….

Now the same speaker at another seminar could say “Women, try as much as possible to satisfy your partners to prevent them from falling into temptations and going into extramarital affairs,” and so you wonder and later voice inside ‘what kind of double-standard is this?’

Now it’s a life of contexts and you can’t cover all life issues at once. So register this in your mind: to every phenomenon in life there are two possibilities.


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