Hydra-headed Nature of Ignorance.

Ignorance is feeling that the kitchen is a taboo to men and a respectable man shouldn’t come to the kitchen. (image credit: Image by © Jose Luis Pelaez Inc/Blend Images/Corbis)

I’m sure many people didn’t forget the story of the maid who was caught on camera breastfeeding her boss’ baby. Perhaps she felt why should I feed my baby and see another hungry without rendering a helping breast?

The circumcision merchant carrying out FGM with impunity without even sterilizing or changing his instruments is ignorant …

The man who feels sleeping with an innocent girl (virgin) will cleanse him of his HIV is a PhD holder in ignorance, sheer ignorance.

And the funny radio jingle of a man who listed all the challenges his enemy injected into his life via witchcraft and went as far as saying witches gave him HIV/AIDS x-rays ignorance at its peak ….

Health challenges triggered from the spiritual realm could make someone present symptoms peculiar to HIV/AIDS but not the disease.

Though evil people can put hurdles, obstacles on a man’s path in life and in an attempt to run away from such he could subscribe to alcoholism and too much alcohol could delete his mind and lift from his brains and if such was the type that practice safe sex he might not since he’d temporarily lost his brains and brake. Such may likely patronize cheap sex and practice unsafe sex and so contract HIV.

Ignorance is fire as well as fuel in fire; it’s one of the strongest allies of stereotypes and as humanity we can’t be completely free from its scourge. In fact educated people have those peculiar to their class as well.

A cleric who sees everything with spiritual eyes will pray many needless prayers and advise his church members wrongly.

Florence brought her suitor to Rev. Rex for counseling and because Florence’s boyfriend kept forest reserve on his head her pastor rejected him but collected his gift.

“God says that man you brought here 3 days ago is evil but it’s got nothing to do with his big hair … He says you should vehemently resist the devil but if you go ahead and go against God’s instructions and the punishment of disobedience come like tsunami please don’t ever come to me for help,” he warned Florence.

Please tell Rev. Rex that what he felt could be different from what God feels and the voice of his mind may not be the voice of God.

Rev Ademokoya tells Iya Oyo to go on fasting and prayers for three days once she noticed that God had given red card to her monthly red sea.

That was the second time Iya Oyo would be losing her baby in spontaneous abortion but Rev. Ademokoya didn’t know that Iya Oyo was very sensitive to malaria and her home and shop were the head-office and branch of mosquitoes and once she goes under the weather miscarriages come up the ladder. How bad!

When there’s an issue analyze the physical cause first without ignoring the spiritual sides and if you can’t find any possible cause then focus on the spiritual. Though in some special cases but could co-exist and that makes matters worse.

Fasting and prayers are awesome but when we go fasting and praying for something we ought to correct or remedy physically we are automatically taking malaria injections for meningitis and hoping it will cure same.



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