Life of Testimonies.

The face that shouts ‘wonder shall never ends’ (credit: social media)

There are some testimonies you hear in church and your faith that you felt was hovering over 70% would automatically revert to 7% and you conclude so I was a faith-JJC all along?

Testimonies of couples buying children toys yet they’re waiting for years and still waiting ….

Stories of people going to car showroom to know the prices of cars and choosing the one they prefer to come back at a later date yet their accounts at the time were empty. Can a empty account carry a Camry? NO! Yet they miraculously join the league of car owners.

Cancer kills but there are many cancer survivors; Ebola shortens life but we know those who survived same. There are many patients grappling with co-morbidity yet  they live to ripe old age. Hypertension kills; diabetes stops souls but what can you say about someone (as a youth) having diabetes and hypertension concomitantly yet lived and still living as a senior citizen?

Old soldier they say never dies and I’m sure many of us knew old soldiers (sorry sickle cell patients) who are senior citizens some in their 70s and 80s, and many more will still live to that age and even beyond. I Knew one in my church in Ibadan.

The toddler dangling from the balcony of the fourth floor of a building in France days back is a big testimony.

I can see the unseen hands of God and the sacrifice of Gassama with the effort of the toddler’s neighbour.

It’s a life of testimonies and I’m sure you’d experienced many and many more will come.

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