The Dynamic Nature of Our Self-Esteem.

Self-esteem and success are friends and allies. (credit:

We are our self-esteem and our self-esteem us … self-esteem is a very crucial and fragile aspect of us and like our body temperature it fluctuates in fact, restless like the hyena.

But regardless of internal and external stimuli they hardly go beyond a particular border peculiar to each individual. In other words they don’t reach the two (peak and ebb) extremes (+ and -) but when (maybe if they do) the consequences could be grave and suicide or paranoia (like the attitude of Biblical Nebuchadnezzar) could result.

Self-love and self-esteem. Rose, an actress woke up on their wedding anniversary to access a very lovely message from her hubby. The message which was live on her social media account reads:

Darling you don’t know my birthday after 10 years of blissful marriage and so you keep celebrating my birthday on the wrong day. How bad! My birthday isn’t September 5 BUT January 15 – the day I met you! Happy Anniversary mummy!

And her self-esteem flew like the eagle and perched at the peak … she got up, prayed, freshened up … and was chauffeured to a shopping mall … but her bliss didn’t last. It took a scandalous headline on a magazine to drop her self-esteem from 70 to 30. Alas!

She had seen a very beautiful magazine at the book and magazine shelves and inched closer to admire … but the headline pierced her heart with sword and her bliss bled.

In the course of the day she got back her groove and her self-esteem was lifted from 30 to 50 and from 50 to 70 when she heard on the news that she’s been shortlisted for a global award – and she’s the only female amongst the 10 candidates.

Be that as it may, Chuwuemeka had been searching for job for 15 months now and God finally smiled on him with a very lucrative job. He received a text message informing him that he’s been employed. Of course he was happy and his brand looked awesome to him. Self-love!

He’s been blessed with success, and self-love is password to self-esteem which makes the latter soar instantly.

Chukwuebuka a very diminutive man whose height managed to beat 4’11” for he was just 5” received his promotion letter and the height of his salary increased to 6 feet and his joy also peaked at 6 feet. He sees himself as big, far bigger than Goliath.



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