World Environment Day.

Nature is wholesome and awesome families enjoy.

June 5 every year is set aside by UN to mark World Environment Day and today is June 5.

Why do I like the residential quarters of many higher institutions and virtually all institutions? Because you experience nature first class. Abundant trees, flowers, meadows, birds of diverse species with their refreshing songs! Yeah like parks and gardens.

Overgrowth and undergrowth protect the environment and humanity in general.

The inclement weather of the dry season synonymous with biting heat isn’t widespread and while many school children upload prickly heat to pay homage to heat many don’t, particularly those who live in quarters and estates close to nature, and those who have abundant energy to power their homes and make cool via ACs, fans ….

Those who live in these neighbourhoods leave the stress and issues of cities behind yet they are in the city.

Serenity. Tranquility. Are abundant and can be seen, hugged and kissed in these abodes. Many sites too have these features but overtime some of them lose their idyllic features when residents move in en masse. They start cutting the trees ….

Many years ago my big mummy brought my attention to the music and lyrics of birds on trees nearby and her interpretation of the lyrics and believe me I listened to the songs with rapt attention and that was exactly the words I was hearing. How lovely and interesting!

We need to protect our environment so it can protect us.

Another name for uncompleted building is ‘sewage’ because it’s replete with sea of  human wastes. Many access directly and some pass, package and parcel their wastes into  these buildings, no thanks to their genius in faecal shot-putting.

Residential houses without WCs etc should be sealed for safety and sanity. Cholera is incidentally ravaging at the moment.

Stop dropping refuse on the streets. Sometime ago one of my friends had an information on her DP which states the fact that many times literates litter the streets with refuse and illiterates pick while cleaning same. These so-called illiterates are people employed by Government to clean and tidy our streets littered by educated folks and other demographics – if it’s in the larger society.

But it becomes more alarming when undergraduates (educated class) replicate same on campus, classrooms, walkways yet there are waste baskets virtually everywhere and these so-called illiterates will come and clean up our mess – enlightened class, adults exhibiting minors attitudes.

Many people do two things when rain is about to start or had started – they kidnap drums, barrels, buckets, bowls and even spoons and put in the rain to mine rain-water and run inside. Bad people wanting to stay dry while pushing plastics inside rain and punishing them! God will judge you o! Lol

And secondly they pack their refuse, waste plastics and dump inside drainage. Literates, semi-literates and illiterates none has immunity against these behaviours.

On a serious note now remember flood and the devastating effect of flooding on lives and properties.  

Gas flaring, bush burning, oil-bunkering, blowing up oil installations … all pollute our environments.

Environmental sanitation as practiced every month or every week in some states in Nigeria is for our own good and we need to embrace with passion.

Providence is good and many times humanity consciously and subconsciously source inspiration from nature but when we destroy them we deny ourselves many good things of life.  

Love and take care of your environment and it will bless and protect you.

Happy World Environment Day.

We are

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