Aside sex there are many other factors that trigger issues in bed (credit: social media)

Rita divorced her hubby of 9 years, Ridwan no thanks to domestic violence.

Rita’s mum knew her daughter very well and knew her tongue was no viper for it’s got no fangs nor venom and was just a victim of circumstance. She finally concluded that 70% of the fault came from Ridwan, her husband and she finally advised her to separate from him and if things didn’t change then she should seek outright divorce. She did.

Rita was married for 9 years but grappled with domestic violence for 3 years before she finally ran for dear life.

Though she finally escaped with her life intact, the scars on her physical body and mind refused to leave her in peace. In fact, the prolong stress had started to raise her blood pressure but for the timely intervention of her mum and her divorce it would have led to hypertension.  

2 years later Rita met Bimbo and after few weeks they started dating and a year later they got married. Bimbo was mature, responsible and very calm but he was also violent and it took Rita sometime (some nights) before she found out his true colours.

Her ex, Ridwan was physically violent but very calm in bed. He sleeps like a day-old baby, though tall his legs sleep when he sleeps and his hands don’t misbehave in bed but when he’s awake they are highly vicious and atrocious.

Bimbo on the other hand was his direct opposite. He was calm in the daytime but very violent at night. Yes in bed. He’s got legs that Usain Bolt can’t compete with on the race track, hands that will finish Anthony Joshua in the ring.

When Bimbo sleeps that’s when his legs and arms start their marathon race till he wakes up. One leg could be in Suleja, another in Lokoja and within minutes the one in Lokoja had changed position to Suleja and vice-versa and anyone within close range will bear the brunt and Rita was his bed-mate so she received his stray blows.

Bimbo was relatively calm and gentle but once he shared goodnight kisses with Rita and his eyes close, his violence begins in earnest and he will begin to kick, slap, push, pull Rita so much so that the latter wakes up with body screaming of violence. Insomnia, headache, stomach pain, hurting mouth, aching tooth … yet her tormentor was innocent.

The couple finally resolved their issues and Bimbo later bought student-sized bed for Rita and so once they kissed good night Rita would dash to her own bed but if she tarries for just a second and ogbeni falls asleep her body will pay the price.

Was it a case of frying pan to fire? Nope, from Manhattan (winter cold) to harmattan.

Ridwan was peaceful in bed but violent out of same and Bimbo was very calm out of bed but violent in bed. But overall BV is far better than DV.

DV isn’t Dependent Variable but Domestic Violence and BV connotes Bed Violence.

Refreshing night’s rest to you all!  

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