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Genotype Issues in Intimacy.

Love has its hidden fangs and sometimes it bites even when not provoked. (credit: social media)

Dolapo Doris Onaolapo’s parents were both AS but fortunately Dolapo came bearing the AS genotype and she escaped pains in life but hey she couldn’t escape the love version.

She fell in love three times and climbed out of her tunnel three times as well. Her heart was once broken back-to-back and she suffered serious back pains for long. Oh stress was the culprit and now she finds it difficult to step out in search of love and stretch her heart for it could turn out to be a date with stress.

She couldn’t stand to bear an SS-child for she had lost many siblings, relatives, friends to the scourge

Many enlightened people with AS genotype fall in and out of love many times and the pains and agonies are not just biting but stinging and distressing and sometimes lasting.

But remember, the pains you are grappling with in love could have been in life if you were SS.

For you to be an AS then one of your parents had sickle cell traits but who says just one – it could be both of them (AS + AS) and in that case you were spared. 25% probability is in theory … a family can have 4 children all sickle cell patients.

Understandably, many times you’d to struggle to delay love … to avoid bitterness in the end not forgetting that your partner could turn out to be AS as well. Many would have been married but were unfortunate to be caught in the web and many times in life what we fear most has a way of catching up with us.

I remember as a young boy I ran to Sokoto because of something I had phobia for but that thing was in my sokoto (pocket) and I later realized the bitter truth: I can’t run from it other than to confront headlong. Life is very engaging and interesting.

Be that as it may.

Your pains x-ray your selflessness and love for humanity but exercise patience and in the end you’ll smile … God will eventually take you to whom He had destined for you so don’t be weary … tarry!

Many people may not understand how this special class of people watch out for landmines, potholes just to guide and guard their hearts, and sometimes they play pranks, many times become too inquisitive, insensitive (but no it’s too sensitive) to know personal issues while on their trip of love and intimacy.

The most common genotypes are AA, AS and SS but there are many more and you may not be AS yet predisposed to having children with sickle-cell disease if … so see your doctor for tests and professional advice.

Adults that don’t know their genotypes in this age and time are people with luggage at motor-park, airport … but don’t know exactly where they are heading to.

“My dad is AA; my mum AA and so I’m AA!” is the next bus-stop to ignorance. Only a visit to the clinic and test will confirm.

If you’re a sickle-cell patient reading this right now, you can lead a healthy, productive life if you follow to the letter all the instructions your health-givers expose you to.

Eat nutritious meals, take your medications correctly and consistently, sleep well, have positive outlook and attitude say no stress, keep abreast of information in medical science … and above all have a personal relationship with your God. He’s obviously the first and last doctor.


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