World Virginity Day 2018.

Saying no to sex as teenagers or adults is a choice – very wholesome and healthy choice. (credit: social media)

June 9 (yesterday) was set aside to mark World Virginity Day 2018.

If 1 student in a class of 30 cheats in the exam hall and he’s brought out on the assembly he might feel embarrassed and even cover his face.

If 10 out of 30 students did similarly some of them could cover their faces, some may look down feeling ashamed and some may even smile at their ‘achievements’.

If 20 out of 30 students erred in the examination hall eyes may focus more on the remaining 10 than 20 – and people may begin to wonder why they weren’t part of the 20

Now if 25 cheated and brought out then believe me the 5 good students might feel embarrassed and the 25 might even brag about their ‘exploits’. And many might say perhaps they had a bad teacher, maybe they deliberately cheated to implicate their teacher ….

Alas, many more might even begin to suspect the 5 good students.

“Are they trying to prove to the world that they are saints?”

“May be the girls amongst them are dating their teacher and need not cheat to pass and the boys are pimps for the teacher in question or maybe they are good in bribing so they just have to write nonsense in the exam hall and their money will write sense in secret”


That’s what some people who refused to join the bandwagon of corruption in a corrupt society grapple with.

They are the victims for they are victimized, chastised, accused, insulted and overtime some of the remaining 5 might endorse the dictum – if you can’t beat them, join them and those who refused to bend till the end may not do much, remember a tree or two cannot make a forest.

Back to the nitty-gritty, the analogy above x-rays how many ladies who are in their pristine state (virgins) in our contemporary world feel ashamed, feel bad about their status particularly those who by happenstance found themselves in the label and not because of personal convictions.

People who belong to this class I label pristine are divided into two – those who are because of their religious beliefs and those who chose to for some other reasons of which religious could be part.

This latter category could be the very sociable type, outgoing, extroverted, love parties … and if you’re dating such and she tells you she wants to keep herself till marriage you might see the statement as the lie of the century but interestingly it could be as true as saying Barrak Obama was the first black President of the United States.

Some people could make you feel like you had committed a heinous crime being a virgin and many more could say you have some medical or psychological issues, some could even say you’re ashamed of your body that’s why you don’t want the opposite gender to access.

Remember a second-class upper (2-1) degree holder could say first class certificate holders are not first-class brains because many of them read only books on campus and not books and life and so they (2-1 degree holders) are better-off in the labour market.

Their employers are in a better position to decide that.

Above all, when someone perceives another as source of intimidation she might want to rubbish the other’s prized-assets to bring her down to her level.

Men could be in pristine shoes as well but because of the fact that nothing so remarkable happens personally at their first sex … their version is less sensational. Unlike women who do ‘blood covenant,’ though the JJC in men could unfold with struggles, stress and sweat. Though bleeding isn’t common to all women at first sex.

In rounding off virginity is a thing of pride not shame but if you’re not smart enough you might interpret wrongly and feel bad about your pride and prize.

If you’re not a virgin as a single there’s nothing bad in alighting at the nearest bus stop to same – secondary virginity – where you say no to sex altogether until you say ‘I do’ and of course it’s the best insurance against STIs and unintended pregnancy.

We are

 Happy Sunday.

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