Carryover Effect (Home to Work or vice-versa).

If you’re happy at work your bliss will surely follow you home and vice-versa.

Only a thing line separates our professional from our personal lives and many times there’s carry-over of emotions, feelings from one to the other.

A man or woman enjoying his marriage is likely to perform well on the job and the one whose home is filled with scorpions and vipers may bark at or even bite his staff members, colleagues even bosses at times.

Don’t forget stressor at home is stress at work even when the stressor is far away and stressor at work is stress at home.

5pm to some workers is like death sentence, it reminds them of their home which is hell.

And when the clock strikes 5pm the stress of that worker peaks, knowing full well that his/her partner (the stressor) is waiting at home to bite and sting yet again. Cock-crow is the alarm that raise and peak some people’s anxiety because of their tough and rough bosses. Nothing kills a man or woman faster than a suffocating workplace and stressful home.

Inspirational text messages from our spouses and significant others do a lot of good at the workplace, especially in a stress-filled environment.

Overall, it’s a life where freedom of choice isn’t luxury, therefore if your work is thorns in your flesh you can quit.

If your home is a blessing and your work an extension of same then you’re blessed beyond measure but if your case is the reverse the choice to transform isn’t far away.

To some, divorce is their best option, to others seeking professional help; to some they are the ones that need the change and transformation they crave and so if they refuse to bite their partners will not sting and that’s password to bliss and peace.

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