Catalysts to Workplace Performance.

Positive feedback is good news and it motivates and inspires. (credit: social media)

Money is crucial in life but it’s not everything and little gestures from our superiors many times act as the icing on the cake but if ignore the icing because we feel the cake is key then overtime we might lose some significant things, crucial people in our lives.

Many organizations lose their key staff to other organizations, worse still rival companies because they fail to subscribe to the dictum ‘a stitch in time saves nine’.

Now I guess there’s none in life who doesn’t cherish commendation and cashing in on this fact will go a long way in our personal and professional lives.

Feedback (SMS) from Management.

Saying we don’t see or recognize your contributions to this organization is like saying we can’t see or feel the impact of the sun. Thank you so much for your outstanding performance – board and management.

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