‘Yahoo Boys that Know Nothing About Internet Fraud.’

Because his tool is laptop he must be a yahoo boy (Internet fraudster) credit: videoblocks.com

Many people stereotype individuals whose laptops are indispensable tools in their day-to-day living.

Ironically some members of this class that are stereotyped as yahoo-yahoo boys fight Internet fraud with their pen. Yes the pen-pushers.

If you’re a writer, project analyst, editor, blogger, graphic artist and so on, you may not know this but many will perceive you as a yahoo-yahoo boy.

Now if you’re the type that doesn’t mingle much they could go ahead and brand you oba awon yahoo (the chairman of Internet fraudsters). But overtime many of them will realize their ignorance.

Time heals wounds and also reveals many things in life – good, evil, truth, deceit, pretense, true success … now when it shines its light on false news the truth is automatically revealed and that’s part of justice.

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