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Love and Life as Jungle.

Cherish your gifts, they are your customized blessings.

On the football pitch a team could play brilliantly well attacking 95% of the time, and their opponents are forced to defend deep but in the course of the game they could have a singular opportunity and go on to net and finally win the game.

The players, manager and fans of the team that won might feel they don’t deserve the victory, but they do because they succeeded in stopping their offensive opponents from scoring and at the same time they were strategic, brilliant and intelligent at other end. And so they converted the only opportunity they had.

They say opportunity comes but once but for the side that won, the team that lost had many opportunities but weren’t strategic enough and at the same time their opponents were focused and executed their game plan painstakingly and successfully.

The team that lost might feel God was unfair to them … but life could be unfair and unjust as it were.

That’s how it is in life, in love now a man (Kola) might shower a lady (Bola) with affection, attention for many months maybe years and she may not reciprocate and in the end they may never get to date. And another man could be indifferent about her and at the end they could walk down the aisle together.

So what happened? Life happens!

Kola wasn’t passionate about Titi and because of that she finds him highly interesting and many times I guess it’s easier for a lady to catch a man she’s interested in than vice-versa (calls for research anyway) and tick says the clock tick tick that’s what they say and before you know it Titi and Kola had became an item … the same Kola that was all over Bola but d’ola (tomorrow) they never dated.

What happens? Life happens … the stress Kola initially went through wasn’t sold but sowed and the harvest – Titi!

Alternatively another lady may show up in the picture (while Bola was dilly-dallying) and within few months snatch Kola from Bola and the latter might feel life was unfair.

“This guy took his time to woo and win me and I worked hard proving stubborn, running and sweating all the way … but before I began to reciprocate one lady from the blue, who perhaps never felt how painful the struggles of playing hard-to-get could be, snatched my Kola from me,” Bola pondered alone in her room at night.  

In either case someone worked hard and another snatched the prize.

In rounding off, forget your past, your past love and renew your present love – that’s your true love. The grass you felt was greener across the road, in the ext home, company, building, abroad was watered, nurtured so why can’t you replicate same in your abode.

Love and cherish what’s yours – another man or woman could be dying secretly to possess.



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