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Providence/Life Relationships

Similar Faces but Dissimilar Fate.

Twin sisters ‘Ayomikun and Ayokunmi’ will experience ayo (bliss) at different depths even with same good news.

Same-gender twins let’s call them Ayomikun and Ayokunmi are two different people and though they look alike in many respects nature will not look at them same way from all aspects.

Though they smile similarly, predictably they won’t smile at the same time at all times.

They could marry the same day and if they do they are not likely to conceive the same night and even if they do they are not likely to deliver of their babies the same hour and by extension their babies may not belong to the same gender.

Don’t forget it’s most likely they won’t marry the same day, let alone get pregnant the same night or deliver of their babies the same day but peradventure they marry the same husband like the famous Ugandan twins (video shared months ago, coming again soon) they are not likely to experience labour on the same day let alone same hour.

There’s a major force behind events in life and this force manipulate other forces (good or bad) to execute His vision without embarking directly on an earthly mission.

Understanding providence and knowing you’re different and special will save you lots of headaches, heartaches and migraine in life.

BUT make hay while the sun shines.

(image credit: buzznigeria)


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