Women as Good Teachers of Patience.

Men are okay when they are presentable but women want to be preservable and so from hair to toe they want to exude beauty and charm.

One of the most important virtues men learn from women is patience. The traffic gridlock peculiar to love is courtesy of women and interestingly patience is a very crucial virtue in life.

Men wait for love, wait in bed, wait for madam to attend an event together.

You meet a woman today you’ll queue at the bus-stop of love just for her to respond and finally reciprocate. Men wait in bed for their wives …. Got an event together? Alas you must wait because madam is the beauty prefect and she must perfect her beauty and fashion thereby delaying you.

Marriage is +18 and so it’s not for minors but mature people; and in marriage a man matures much more thanks to lessons from madam’s marketing skills and ability to sell time with impunity.

However, in all of these women teach men patience and in patience you’re exposed to maturity, responsibility. Many senior citizens are mature because they are patient.

Lack of patience push many into crime, evil, barbarism ….

In rounding off, women too wait in love especially the proposal phase where they itch all over for oga to propose marriage and overtime they might voice it behaviourally and verbally at times.

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