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Habits Peculiar to Wining and Dining.

Enjoy your Sallah with hearty meals (credit: youtube)

Foodie, it’s meal time so let’s go!

The way or manner some people eat will make you fall in love  with food irrespective of whether you’re a foodie or not. Some delicately move their jaws like models on the runway and hey you feel like gate-crashing and enjoying their meal with them. 

To some it’s a pattern and to others they are just trying to impress someone and many ladies even men on their first date express this attitude to later show their omo-oko side in the future.

In contrast some eat like their mouths are fighting with the food in front of them. This class behave like lions tearing their preys apart. And again this could be a pattern with some people, and others do that when they are very hungry.

Many chew their food delicately for long before swallowing and some turn every meal to swallows, even if they are eating rice or yam, they pirate pythons by swallowing because they have more talents for swallowing than chewing and when A-list swallows – semo, tuwo, amala, fufu, pounded yam … come along their tongue hardly touch before sending ‘6-feet’ into their tummies.

Food tastes nicer when eaten with loved ones and it’s the season of Eid-el-Fitri therefore many families will be enjoying their rice with chicken, tuwo with turkey ….

Ramadan is gone; Sallah is here and many who had been fasting and missing their regular meals because of fast will have the liberty to enjoy anytime they desire now.

Fasting is still on o … so I believe adults understand my statement ‘Ramadan is gone .…’

How time flies. Happy Sallah.


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