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Talking About Ramadan (Interviews II).


Let’s hear more of the opinions of Islamic faithfuls on what they find interesting and distressing about the Holy Month of Ramadan:

“You’re closer to God during the Holy month, and you enjoy peace of mind, God’s favour, answered prayers the challenging thing however is just the hunger associated with the fast .” – Goni Muawiya

More pic and info ahead


“Ramadan is a Holy Month where the gates of hell are closing and the gates of heaven are opening and the devil is being chained. There’s this unique night out of the last ten nights in Ramadan that God reveals the Holy book and there are loads of blessings released to humanity. The interesting thing about Ramadan outweighs the distressing so much so that I can’t even remember any right now.” – Aminat Omoaka

Expect more in days to come ….

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