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Brides in Different Shades.

Brides are never short of bliss and friends. (credit:

Women ain’t just brides on their wedding they are before, during and after same. Forget the nomenclature used in profiling ladies in these occasions, a bride is a bride.

They come out as brides to mark their hen party; brides at their wedding and as brides at their anniversaries.

And all these are weddings but in diverse shades, with various expectations and experiences.

As a bride today or potential bride let this article inspire you; now aspire to be an eternal bride, yes bride without expiry date. Others have done it before you, many more will do it after you so you can do, and please do it!

From Nigeria we beep and bring bliss, love, peace into your various living-rooms, offices, workshops, bedrooms, lecture-rooms, even boardroom.


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