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‘The Human Part of the Bargain’.

Gridlocks have grades and levels many allow movements some deny air breathing space. (social media)

In my last (published) article I told you to pray for peace, love and prosperity of Nigeria, right? Yeah!

Before he left his office for the central mosque, Abdulrahaman forgot to drop the proposal his boss had told him to prepare earlier in the week and as he was coming out of the mosque his boss’ call was coming in and the moment he saw Otunba Kowope he knew he was in a terrible mess, meanwhile he had been given two queries earlier in the week. For coming late to work.

Abdulrahaman lives in a new site and must cover a distance of about 30 minutes before he could get a bike that will ferry him to the main road to get a bus to his office. He’s been working for about 4 years and just planning to get a car loan.

Meanwhile the vigilante guards in his neighbourhood had warned him not to leave his home earlier than 5am and that means if he leaves exactly 5am he would get to the bus stop at around 5:30am, get a bike to the main road and then wait for bus and sure he’s got traffic to contend with and that makes him late on a regular basis.

He used to leave home 4:45am but when they hired vigilante … he was discouraged. Abdulrahaman knew his society is bedeviled with job scarcity and insecurity and so should he lose his present job his nursing wife and new baby (6 months) would bear the brunt.

He managed to pick and heard his boss stern voice, “THE DEADLINE OF THE PROPOSAL IS 2:30pm AND IF I MISS IT YOU JUST DIVORCED YOUR JOB.”

‘Panics,’ yes Abdulrahaman’s new name and immediately he signaled a bike but the bike got stuck midway because of t-r-a-f-f-i-c you know the gridlock that chains bikes’ tryes not just cars. He saw job loss in his mind’s eye, hunger, anger, threats from landlord, his first child’s school management … and his mind went upside down. “My friend please take that route my job … is at stake … sack … letter,” he voiced to the commercial motorcyclist. That route is one-way and they will be driving against traffic.

The same Abdulrahaman that just prayed for peace in the mosque o, it could be Peace that just prayed for peace in the church, please note that as well. Now should the bike hit a school boy will Abdulrahaman and the poor boy’s family enjoy peace this weekend? Let’s pray the worse doesn’t happen to the boy. Now it could be the breadwinner of a family and not a boy – both are important though.

If we pray for peace we are asking for God to fulfill His part of the bargain and we shouldn’t breach the contract by forfeiting our part of the deal.

The system affects all of us and I’ve lost count of the times I’ve told one of my siblings to always look both sides of the road before crossing a one-way road. The first time I told him many years ago he was surprised and perhaps felt my thinking was upside down but no I knew some drivers think upside down while driving and some might do it in emergency while it could be a pattern with some.

Now if Abdulrahaman was in a civilized clime would he have done that? Nope! For he knew he’d be arrested. Now the phobia he’d in the first place might not even be there. Thanks to job security. If Abdulrahaman knew he’d be arrested and taken to court without any option of bailing himself out with some coins for the boys he wouldn’t dare do that! If you know the law works and doesn’t compromise its standard you’ll be forced to obey hook, line and sinker! Security agents are humans and have families too I’m not encouraging bribery and corruption just making 360-degree points. Note that please.

Am I part of the rot in this land? Yes I am and if I table them someone could wave it off but it’s still part of the rot in the system.

Blame game will never take us anywhere! Let’s admit we’re all wrong and find collective solutions to our problems.

Let’s work together to solve all these issues tormenting us as peoples.

My take. My tools.


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