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Bedtime Café (Dreams vs Nightmare)

This is admission into the institution called Sweet Dreams (credit: iStock/Jacob Ammentorp Lund)

Dreams could be sweet like honey especially if we dream about our dreams little wonder Hassan who uses Nissan in real life was all smiles in his dreams thanks to his brand new Vencer but the bouncer Mr. Alarm finally snatched from him.

Shola found himself walking down the aisle with his crush Itunu and when he woke up he was unusually happy though he’d forgotten the contents of his dreams.

Apparently the bliss was a carryover experience from his dreams and when he finally recollects he laughed himself to tears.

Nightmares are frightening experiences, dreams that we all detest but many times they gatecrash into our bedrooms and leave sweat and fear and bile behind.

Some years back a close family member had a nightmare which he told me, he’d seen a woman he knew in real life in his dream and she was trying to attack him.

I told him not to draw conclusions yet because there are two opposing forces in our world. Yes God might have exposed the woman and her machination but again an evil person could possibly put on her image to blackmail her and torment him simultaneously.

Not to forget the fact that a thief won’t want you to ever suspect him so he could steal for long and never be caught and so if the woman decided to show herself to him of what benefit was it to her?

Secrecy and darkness are the biggest weapons of evil. Nonetheless never-say-never.

Smart man. He paused and said what I said made sense.

Now if I was the one in his shoes and he told me what I said I know I’ll ponder over it as well and endorse his opinion, bearing in mind that to every phenomenon in life there are two possibilities.

Even that statement highlights the fact that there are two possibilities because someone could object by saying at times there are 3 or more possibilities to one phenomenon which is also true though if we narrow it down it will become two eventually.

Science itself made us realize that there’s a positive and negative charge so also sweet and bad dreams.

Croatians finally send Denmark home via penalty shootout.

Sweet dreams and refreshing night’s rest.

Beautiful and positive week ahead.

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