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The Rot in the System.

Prayers trigger miracles and wonders and if someone tells you not to pray please run away from such and conversely if someone tells you not to do the right thing please run away from that person as well. (picture credits: kuzi/NL)

If you’re building your church, school, maybe mosque or house on an oil pipeline, under power line or on the path of flood or very close to the river and Government officials came to inform you to stop because you’re endangering your lives and those of others but you threaten them and they abscond but you didn’t stop the construction you’re also part of the rot in this country.

“Good day sir, we’re from Housing … sir we’re here to advise and instruct you to stop the construction work immediately … it’s illegal and risky and you’ll endanger lives and properties …” one of the officials had asserted.

“Do know suya?” the cleric replied.

“Oh thank you sir, we’re not hungry so we don’t need it!” one of the officials had quipped.

“Are you school children? I mean do you want me to call my father in heaven to send his fire and brimstone and consume you right away?” the cleric threatened.

The officials actually got frightened and stylishly varnished one after the other. And the construction works went on unabated.

The two officials wanted to report to higher authorities but one of them cautioned the other, “Ore, you and I are non-Christians and if we drag this issue further it might appear to people like we’re victimizing them based on their religion so let’s forget about it otherwise it could escalate and lead to bigger issues.” The other man sighed and said “Hmmm, you’ve a point there. Let’s forget it!”

Other people who had been warned never to construct any building in the area saw yours … and they too began their construction works in earnest.

Many times natural disasters are unavoidable but what of man-made?

Flood waters have their natural path and if you erect any structure or block with refuse … they will get angry and find another path or go on rampage and you and I know the implications of such. I’ve heard people react to past disasters with “Iya ese wa lanje!” God is punishing us for our sins.

God wasn’t, isn’t tormenting us but we are tormenting ourselves.

You were in a commercial bus on a trip and a security agent stopped your bus and demanded for the vehicle particulars and you voice, “Driver please settle him and don’t delay us!”

Did you realize you’re part of the rot. But alas, you’ve got appointments to catch and delay could be denial. Guilty yet innocent. Who wants to prove his right and stand his ground in a situation where you went head-to-head with a gun-wielding officer.

Sense is caution and believe me if I say it’s a web and we need to resolve these monster-headed challenges! But if you come to the dialogue table with sentiments the sentiments that caused the issues in the first instance will trigger accusations and counter-accusations and bile and bitterness and alas you’ll leave without resolving the issue and need I say sentiments could escalate the issue.

The best way to make an unresolved issue fester and go cancerous is to let sentiments get in the way.

If Governments try to force people away from living under high-tension power cables … they label such Governments as bad, now should Government provide temporary accommodation for them some could reject the offer on grounds that they can’t forfeit their houses. “Lailai, na yam, My father gave me that house, and I’m proud of it and I’m not a prodigal son, even if Government bring money I won’t collect because I know I’ll spend it!”

Many times we victimize people, institutions we shouldn’t no thanks to sentiments.

May God help us all.


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