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Love Made by Women.

Your life partner; your choice.

If a woman is into you and restless about it, it’s probably because you never showed keen interest  in her and believe it or not many had showed interest in her in time past but she flew away from them – and their crime was daring to express their passion.

To buttress my argument most times we ignore those who adore us and adore those who ignore us.

Now there comes a time that a man begging you to love him will suddenly realize his self-worth which is ticking toward zero and then picks from the pit and peak and that’s bye-bye to you but you’re neither guilty nor innocent and they are not either.

And as they move on the woman that will pursue them because they didn’t show interest in them all along or left them when they were proving stubborn are already waiting.

I guess it’s nature’s demands in order to maintain the needed balance.

This is what makes men many times not to marry whom they are passionate about and women finally marry whom they worship – rich or poor, handsome or not, tall or petite, famous or anonymous.

A typical man matures in marriage and maturity is seeing and recognizing the dichotomy between fantasy and reality and accepting what you can’t change.

Because men pursue women there’s an ego which sprout from the ground and grows into women’s minds yet consciously and/or  subconsciously women crave leadership in their choice of life-partners and that’s why many won’t also marry men they can’t respect so if you’d insulted him many times for daring to express his love for you and having the guts to further pursue you, don’t take it upon yourself.

Forgive and let go, perhaps you weren’t meant to be.

The other side of this however is that some men marry women they fell in love with and actually pursued but they did because the woman accepted them before they got fed up and moved on … back to my initial point and part of accepting them is this element of respect. She accepted you before you petered out because she respected you – but don’t be surprised if she didn’t accepts you yet respects you ….

Now peradventure your heart is with a man in the past and you’re already engaged or about to it’s advisable you let go … and focus on the one at hand.

A bird in hand is worth two in the bush. Accept yourself. Accept life. Love life and believe me the person you perceived as the worst could turn out to be the very best.

Life loves you and you’ve got no choice than to love her right back!

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