Talking About Love, Intimacy and History.

Kitchens have laws that women understand same with love. (credit:

When he was at proximity and wanted friendship with you so badly you wanted to prove most expensive so badly and so you declined and now that life decided to feature distance in your love-remix you wanted him so badly but unfortunately he’s now very far away.

And they say out of sight is out of mind but it would have been the reverse in your case if you had planted your seed in his heart but you failed to, instead you took the seed and ran like Usain Bolt but now your ‘sister’ is just a stone-throw from him and her fragrance had filled his whole heart.

But life detests vacuum and another brother is close-by and it’s better for you to avail yourself of the opportunity before distance creeps in again and take him far away from you and then you fall back to square one.

And the anticlimax – you may not, because the ancestral script in you that you will interpret will make you go for the man you want not the one that wants you but the one you want is the one that’s not keen about you and the one that’s keen about ironically you may not keep.

In a particular interview on love and intimacy most of our female respondents said they wanted a partner who loves them much more not the one they love more but many times it’s the reverse in real-life settings.

Love is ironic; life paradoxic but they are not really toxic if we live by the rules and play safe!

The ‘you may not’ in the article isn’t an advice but assertion based on women’s behaviours in love.

Many women go through life regretting and lamenting on whom they ought to have married but because they delay their response they lost out in the end. And peradventure you’re also in the same shoes, forgive and forget.

“It was my fault, don’t try to placate me after all I was unfriendly where I ought to be friendly; I exuded hate where I should have extended love,” I heard that from someone.

Truth be told your past is gone, gone for good but you can turn and transform your present. We’ve all made mistakes in love and life but dwelling in the past is a bigger mistake.

I’ve accessed many stories in the media and social media alike of women in the past expressing their regrets because they never gave a man a chance or walked out from same and such finally made it big.

In some cases the men won phenomenal prizes and fame came along as well. Good for them. Express bliss within and without not bile and stop telling the whole world you were insensitive. So it was money and fame that injected humanity into you now. Come on.

Now life is a process and success is a journey so update, seek skills, network … and get your own share of life’s largess. I guess no human is allergic to success so why regret over your past decisions which could negatively impact your present and future.

As a life coach my advise is don’t go through life regretting your past mistakes but revamping the present and making the future awesome and wholesome.

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