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The Subtle Battles in the Minds of Children.

Available parents teach and learn from their kids as well. (credit: dreamstime.com)

The Riddles Peculiar to Great Britain in International Sporting Games:

You were watching ‘England vs Colombia’ the previous night and your son whose mind had been carrying placards, rioting, rampaging from Agaka, Ilorin to Agege, Lagos finally had the guts to speak up.

He let out a dull, dry cough like daddy himself and published, “D-a-d-d-y was it not Great Britain at the Olympics in 2016 and you said it comprises of England, Scotland, Ire, Ire … land and Wales so why did England went to Russia 2018 alone? It should have gone with the other ‘lands’ and Wales inclusive or did they not pay their wages?

There are many silent battles in the minds of children and only warm, friendly, attentive and available parents get to access them.

When children gather you’ll see some traits of leadership in some of them but they may be going about it inappropriately and that’s where parents come in to mine and refine but such parents too need to be learned otherwise it could result in pouring PMS on the fire on a candle.

Please we don’t want ‘fire on the mountain … with run, run, run, run ….’


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