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Special Class of Muslims Exempted from Ramadan Fast.

Islamic faithfuls (credit: Sahara reporters)

Elderly people who cannot fast at all – no qaza for them either.

Elderly people who can fast but with great difficulty – no qaza for them, however they have to pay fidya.

Who decides whether it is easy or difficult to fast? The doctor or you? Answer: it is your personal judgment.

Short-term illness – those who cannot fast due to ‘minor’ health challenges – feverish conditions, infections, cold … however they have to do qaza before next Ramadan.

Long-term illness – diabetes … no qaza for them as well however they’ve got to pay fidya for each day of fast.

A pregnant or nursing mother – if the fasting will harm her or her unborn child or baby then she’s exempted but as usual she has to do qaza after pregnancy or weaning the child and also pay fidya for each day of fast.

Compiled by Hussein Sadiq.

‘Jummah Mubarak,’ from all of us @ olayemiogunojo.com



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