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Lessons From the Attitudes of Biblical Pilate.

God could use anybody in your family, society, nation as vessel to advance His cause in life.

These Biblical teachings inspire the attitudes of searching for the truth and simultaneously negate sentiments. Don’t forget science goes for the truth (facts) not sentiments.

Biblical Pilate and the thief on the cross are typical examples of characters that went beyond the surface before coming up with their perceptions and opinions.

When they brought Jesus to Pilate the crowd was expecting him to see Jesus the way they saw Him and say what they wanted to hear … Pilate (perhaps had known the truth before then) but went further to ask Jesus if he was the King of the Jews but instead of arrogance, pride, chauvinism, narcissism Jesus answered him with humility … and so Pilate thought otherwise and said what they detested – the opposite of what they wanted to hear.

Pilate didn’t pirate the opinions of others and he had his own mind and refused to be influenced by the sentiments of the chief priests and people around him.

He was neither a yes-man nor sissy not even a hypocrite to hide his true feelings by saying what the crowd wanted to hear.

Truth as pill to minds – yes truth at times is the bitter-leaf in minds. Ideally drugs are bitter, injections are painful but they bring health in the end which is sweet. And truth could be bitter but it sets free in the end. Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.

Now the crowd became furious and raised their voices the more.

Sensitive Pilate: there’s smartness in sense and the sensitivity of Pilate that prevented him from labeling and condemning Jesus heard ‘Galilee’ in their allegations and further inquired if Jesus was a Galilean and when he knew He belongs to Herod’s jurisdiction what did he do?

He sent Him to Herod. He didn’t let sentiments override his good judgments yes because there was bitterness and enmity between him and Herod. The latter later sent Jesus back to Pilate … and the two enemies became friends.

Pilate again told his crowd that he had examined Jesus yet found no fault in Him same with Herod.

Now what our leaders, Governors do at important occasions (Independence …) by setting free some prisoners to go and sin no more is documented in the Bible and that was the ticket and password to Barabbas’ freedom.

Pilate was diplomatic and wanted to set Jesus free but as they say and do even in the House of Assembly the majority won – they had to, for the scripture to be fulfilled.

A divorcee could teach you awesome things about marriage that those celebrating 75 years of blissful marriage may never. A child could teach you what an 100-year-old man may not! That’s life for you!

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