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Bedtime Café (Nights in Hotels)

Hotels add spice and romance to love and intimacy. (pinterest.com)

Hotels are homes away from homes; the hotel you can afford says a lot about your pockets and your pockets apart from being you, says much about you.

Hotels are typically for lodging and accommodation but the lodging aspect seems to be predominant because majority of hotel clients patronize same on short-term basis.

As earlier highlighted, hotel patrons usually lodge in hotels at par with their class and so many times hotels are indeed home away from home for many people. Hotels wear the clothes of their host communities as well and many times their names reflect their neighbourhoods.

The name ‘Rains & Cardigans Hotel’ at Ijesha, or ‘Money Speaking Hotel’ at Olosha (Mushin) or maybe ‘Mace & Cabinet’ Hotels at Alausa, Ikeja Lagos is like Carol at Christmas.

Now ‘Park-light Haven’ at Ikoyi is hip-hop lyrics in the mouth of Kendrick Lamar while ‘Onikondo Hotel’ at Ajegunle is like French fries with ketchup.

Hotel is part and parcel of tourism and many business executives who travel regularly know that hotels are indispensable to business and pleasure and sure hoteliers in Calabar (tourism capital of Nigeria) will feel the impact much more during Calabar carnival and jazz festivals.

Hotels have class and categories – usually from 7-star to 0.000-star. You may delete the latter anyway. Perhaps you’re in Burj Al Arab, Dubai right now maybe in ‘Cheshire-Gardens’ in Lekki perhaps ‘Close the Window’ Hotel in Oke-Ado, Ibadan relax and enjoy your stay.

Oh I can see couples enjoying their honeymoon – conjugal bliss!

Oh, ‘Jackson’ is in a hotel, observing honeymoon in his home right now. That’s home in paradise – thanks to your wonderful wife and lovely children. But I won’t forget to mention the fact that you’re good as well because many times people treat us the way we treat them! A wonderful woman is likely to be a great wife and blessed mum same with a lovely man.

If you have an awesome family, thank God for His blessings if you don’t thank God for the lessons they are blessings in disguise now go to bed with heart of gratitude.

Refreshing night’s rest to you all


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