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Where Do You Belong?

Your profession is your file and it profiles you. (credit: social media pic)

Workers please check your name on the list.

Are you an ‘or’ maybe an ‘er’ perhaps an ‘ian’ or ‘ist’ …  please find where you belong but know and note that it’s possible for you to be in more than one file because a geologist could be a music conductor and a lawyer could be a senator or musician and so on. Some (like ‘politician’ and so on) are not really professions but titles note that as well.

Welcome to ‘er’ Nation and the citizenry – teacher, farmer, lawyer, carpenter, writer, lecturer, barber, sweeper, transporter, plumber ….

And the ‘or’ residents – doctor, actor, auditor, conductor (music), vendor, director, conductor (bus), governor, senator, rector ….   

Here comes the ‘ist’ file let’s check the house members – orthodontist, dentist, seismologist, journalist, geologist, psychologist, industrialist, anatomist, artist, physiologist, therapist ….

This the ‘ian’ file so let’s profile the members – comedian, musician, politician, electrician ….

There are others like the ant (accountant) and eer (engineer) files.


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