Iceberg Analogy to Explain Reputation and Character.

The tip above the waters connotes reputation the portion beneath profiles character. (

The ice on the surface of the water that you and I can see is our reputation but the bulk beneath is our character – true colour and nature.

Reputation is our mouth and character mind.

Now if the tip of the iceberg of someone mimics roses but the ice beneath thorns (s)he’s a Judas, stealing people’s carrots and publishing ‘man story’ instead of ‘mango story’ and if you base your judgment on man story (doctored or maybe half-story) and judge you’d written your exams before your examiners even arrive at the exam hall but your guilt is minimal compared to the green snake lurking in green grass.

Second point: if the tip of the ice of another showcases thorns but the bulk under is roses such is a hypocrite.

Now if the music above and beneath is R&B then such is harmattan in Nigeria; winter in Manhattan and if both are good, good news, you’re a plus to humanity.

By extension, if the ‘upload’ and ‘download’ are birds of a feather you’re dealing with an honest person and when he says, “Good morning, boss,” though you felt it was past 12 in the afternoon you knew right away that you were in the am part of the day. None is perfect though but at least such will score 70% in this behavioural department.

Many minds shuttles between literal and deep thinking but if you regularly do literal 30% and deep 70% you’re on point, you’ve got science in you and many will see sense and respect your opinions even if they reject same with their mouths, but if you usually dwell on the literal 70% and deep 30%; then sentiments have their head-office in you and many times your perceptions, opinions and conclusions will be erroneous.

@ image: you can see the ice is about 90% beneath that’s why you shouldn’t embrace the habit and pattern of dwelling on the surface in analyzing issues.

Yorubas call deep thinking ‘aro’jinle’ and that’s science in its own right.

Have a gorgeous Tuesday.


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