Reputation vs Character.

Sometimes in love and life a typical wolf could clad wool and come out as sheep.
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Madam Rapu had money but pretended not to and starts calling families and friends to lend her money so she could give her hubby.

Now she appears caring and desirous to help on the surface (fantasy) but in reality she was trying to blackmail her jobless hubby and those she had called might feel,

“This jobless man will not let his wife rest; he always demands money from her. He made her broke in the first place otherwise she won’t even be calling to lend money from me to give him. Lazy man”

Now did you know that the same wife could be instrumental to the sack of her hubby at her place of work?

Reputation is someone (spouse, parents, sibling …) giving you money to start a business but the character of such will show if (s)he works for or against the business.

If someone gives you money to embark on a business venture and guides, instructs, advise and keeps supporting the business from inception through tooting phase to expansion the reputation and character are one. A man who opens an upmarket retail store for his sister and got her an attendant he knows quite well as a 7-star thief … had not invested in such but wanted to blackmail and advance his vendetta against his sister.

If someone is the cankerworm or perhaps sees leakage maybe fraud and keeps mute such hasn’t invested in your business. Mr. Yusuf had told his wife not to work out of insecurity but he eventually succumbed to the pressures from his in-laws though he had his own hidden agenda.

Yusuf eventually opened a mini-supermarket for Safiya and enlisted the services of Aminat, the former secretary of his friend (Danladi) who had relocated abroad after his business failed, no thanks to Aminat’s theft. Now who doesn’t know Yusuf had orchestrated the failure of Safiya’s business before it started. 

Safiya eventually ran out of finance and her business kicked the bucket and so Yusuf called his in-laws, “Hajia Ummy did you realize Safiya, your daughter wasted my #2m with her recklessness … this is the fifth time I’ll be sponsoring her business and this is the fifth time it never worked out. Hajiya I’ve tried let her be a housewife, it’s a proud job our mothers did in the past. Hajia you were a full-time housewife as well and that’s why Safiya turned out to be a wonderful woman but her school failed her by refusing to teach them courses in business and she became a bad businesswoman!”

Adura’s reputation:

Adura was carrying another man’s baby and her husband, Yomi mustn’t catch her so she travelled from Lokoja to Suleja (Yomi’s station) for sex and ‘baby’ just to numb Yomi’s sense and sensitivity and dumb the ‘Sule’ in him by making him feel he impregnated her.

We all know Suleiman (Solomon) was a smart man and Adura knew her hubby was smart too and had to play a fast one on him and she finally ja the Sule in him via her trip to Suleja.

A day later Yomi updated his colleague, Ahmed. “Ahmed, my wife is so sensitive and sensible, did you know she travelled all the way from Lokoja to Suleja just to keep me company? You know I didn’t go home last month and may not in the next two months and then my leave of 6 weeks follows. She knew I’d be probably sex-starved by now so she decided to come under my umbrella. But Ahmed objected, “Yomi I don’t think so, she came primarily to secure her home and insure her marriage … leaving husbands in faraway places to lie fallow is ground for wild oats and baby mama o!” And they both exchanged laughter.

The tip of the iceberg (reputation) Adura showcased was that of a lovely, dutiful and faithful wife but her character was actually noisome.

‘Ja the Sule in him’ – edit and delete the Solomon (smartness in him)

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