Russia 2018 Update (Belgium 0-0 France)

France vs Belgium credit: AFP

Paul Pogba is doing a good job marking and suffocating Vincent Kompany. Belgium shouldn’t forget Mbape is a sprinter and the counter-attacks they use against opponents France could use against them. Time will tell.

Hugo boss (sorry Lloris) had been living up to his billing, Eden Hazard and Kevin Debruyne are spearheading Belgian attacks; Romelu Lukaku looks docile but in theory with golden opportunity he could wreck havoc on France. The pattern of Brazil when they combated Belgium is what Belgium adopted for France and if they are not conscious France may ambush them.

Belgium win over Brazil had peaked their confidence, competence and of course aggression but France are expressing assertion. Will slow-and-steady steal the show? Though both of them have pace France are more strategic but their strategies had not yielded any goal and the arsenals of Belgium had not given them the lead they so much desired.

Are we going to see a defender score in this game? God knows and time will tell!

Explosive second-half


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