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The Issues of Love, Law, Faith and Trust.

Many filmmakers give their viewing audience the privilege to see the real intentions of actors in movies and that’s exactly how God sees our hearts and minds too.

Many times you see what I publish here becoming reality but it’s not me but God and again if you hitherto take what you access here with levity perhaps He wanted you to take it very serious.

It’s a life where we need, crave someone to trust somewhere along our path in love and life, however knowing whom to trust and whom not to, actually depend on us and the other party.

A man whose neighbours had informed him that his wife usually brings in a man once he’d left home for work might feel anxious at first but if he trusts his wife he might rebuff their claims but if the cries become unbearable and a person that barely had time for idle talk added his voice he might heed their call.

He knows the man maybe woman that joined the bandwagon was likely telling him out of love and perhaps wanted him to be safe and secure and so he takes the matter seriously.

Now if he comes home and hide in his neighbour’s apartment and saw the man coming and also heard his voice chatting with his wife while he was in their apartment and in less than 3 minutes he came out and left.

At first, the man might be disappointed but may hide his feelings and may want further investigations to verify their claims. Now if he does that the second and third time and it was same old story he might challenge that neighbour.

“Mr. Derenle can a man enter your apartment and sleep with your wife within 3 minutes, meanwhile you keep hearing their voices, voices devoid of moans throughout o …?”

The man in question may not trust that man or woman again and may likely trust his wife the more most especially if he stylishly asked and she tells him who the person was; but if the reverse happens he’s likely not to trust his wife who may eventually become his ex but unfortunately he could carryover the feelings to his next and may not take idle talk with levity again.

It takes a long time to develop trust but few seconds to thrash.

Now if there’s someone in your family, maybe office, perhaps in your neighbourhood or church you don’t trust put the issue aside and ask why you don’t trust such.

Practical speakingly if you see such once in a while it may take a long time to arrive at the border of convictions and conclusions meanwhile be very careful in your dealings with such.

It could be your maid maybe your driver who takes your children to school and so on. Many rape (maybe most rape cases) are carried out by people known by their victims and many acquaintance rape would have been averted if the victim had taken extra caution.

(Wo)men who kill their partners had probably shown the signs and symptoms in the past but they were ignored. Also note that it’s not every information that all ears must hear. Remember even if the law catches up with the criminal the harm had been done and can’t be reversed.

Furthermore, if you work or live together as in the case of colleagues, family members, next-door neighbours, you’re likely to discover the truth much earlier, and much more earlier if such is desperately vicious to you or someone else but in many cases you may not fully understand except you’re in the shoes of the person but you might if you’re a specialist (psychologist, family counselor, therapist ….)

You’d been on a fact-finding mission and probably discovered some things that don’t connect or correspond.

The norm is A, B, C … but if you access ‘A’ here and the next item is ‘G’ something is wrong but don’t arrive at hasty conclusion.

Now ‘put’ all your reasons for not trusting the person in one basket and why you should trust such in another basket.

What next? compare and contrast but don’t let sentiments get in the way of sense. The person under investigation could be your boyfriend or girlfriend, perhaps boss maybe future employer, future landlord ….

If you’d lived together for long and you’d been suspecting such for a long time, believe me overtime you’ll know beyond any reasonable doubt if such is for or against you and the appropriate steps to take.

Now if what makes you glad makes such sad – please don’t treat with kids’ glove but don’t also forget there are green snakes in green grasses too.

Now if such is desperately vicious and atrocious or maybe keeps seeing you as kid or with the eyes of someone who can’t think fast or smartly join letters to make words (s)he might feel you’re only seeing the tip of the ice and not the ice beneath.

If such is highly secretive and often tries to appear good by highlighting the bad of others or (s)he’s pathologically good which makes the ‘bad’ of others significant to him or her but even at that ‘good’ sees good most times.



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