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Old Law and New Love

Seniors ideally have hindsight and that could translate to foresight for youths.

Adekunle (Kunle) likes Adebimpe (Bimpe) but decided to scale the fence of life to reduce his journey in love. He went through Bimpe’s mum, Mrs. Jumoke Ajayi.

Kunle and Jumoke attends the same church but Bimpe attends another … but when Bimpe came home from service she went to collect the key of their house from her mum in church and that was when and where she met Kunle and the latter liked omoge corper need I say she was smartly decked in her youth corps uniform.

Weeks later Kunle told Jumoke he liked her daughter and since both of them had known for long Jumoke decided to help him win her daughter’s love.

“You’re a God-fearing young man, serious and focused and based on this I’ll help you out but on one condition? You won’t make me ever regret this in anyway whatsoever!” Jumoke voiced calmly.

“Mummy, don’t you trust me? I promise you and instead of regret it will be bliss and fulfillment,” Kunle replied her.

Kunle began to frequent Jumoke’s home so as to acquaint himself with her but Jumoke wasn’t ready to be his teammate not even the referee on his football pitch and Kunle stopped visiting all together but Kunle thought that was a minus to his plans but in reality it was a plus because his silence and absence made Bimpe valued his presence.

One night Jumoke had called her daughter Bimpe to her room and told her Kunle’s love for her was dying and fading away day-by-day and they dragged the matter back and forth for several minutes.

“…. Kunle is a responsible man, with good job and ready for marriage anytime soon; in fact he could marry you in the next 300 seconds. And as your mum I can’t see ‘better’ and allow you go for ‘good,’ you’re through with polytechnic and even service so what next … please don’t delay him and don’t deny yourself wholesome love and awesome life,” said Jumoke to her daughter Bimpe.

“300 seconds is too l-o-n-g so let him marry me in the next 3 seconds , seriously I don’t like it mummy. You’re robbing me of my womanhood and denying me the taste, feelings and experience of same. I like him though but allow him pursue me so I can task and tax him and know if he truly loves me, as well as enjoy the excitement and feelings of being desirable,” she suddenly paused and pierced her mum’s eyes with her big, brown eyes searching for emotions hidden underneath and when she completed her mission of mind-searching she continued.

“Let me ingest and digest the feminine power and pride we have over them while the waiting lasts.”

“Eko re, Yorubas say if children are cutting trees in the forest only adults know where it will fall; now if you close your eyes for an evil person to pass by, believe me many good people would have walked past … my mum didn’t tell me this but I’ll tell you, many women lose wonderful men not because of playing hard-to-get but playing hard-to-get the archaic and ancient way in our 21st century world. Let him know you love him and play hard-to-get simultaneously.”

“Wonders shall never end, ko sarugbo n’ Ghana; what does a woman who was probably in my shoes 30 years ago know about today’s love? Anyway, tell me the love game you invented maybe the contraption will thrill me because I wonder how the age-long tradition of playing hard-to-get could be updated to today’s reality and expectations?” Bimpe pontificated.

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