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Rebranding and Revamping our Tourism and Hospitality Sectors.

Oluwatoyin Edun – former banker and player in the hospitality sector. event: on the sidelines of the 2017 Venues’ Summit, Lagos, Nigeria.

Tourism is a huge foreign exchange earner if her host country are ready to create opportunities from ancillary sectors. Croatia in Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup final is an automatic boost to Croatian tourism and hospitality and even if the country doesn’t have enough resources in the sector it’s achievements in one sector (sports) will invite tourists to Croatia if it wins it becomes unprecedented tourist hub.

Many things we do see abroad, for instance, in a country like Bahamas, tourism accounts for 80% of their revenue and the father, mother and children in a home probably work in the tourism sector. From somebody being a tour guide to another being a bus driver to somebody being a lift operator, there’s something for everyone to do and here we are not doing that ….” Oluwatoyin Edun

Players in the tourism sectors are many – hoteliers, real estate players, restaurateurs, fashion designers, entertainers, photographers … in fact the list is endless, and boosting our tourism is creating avenue, revenue for haves and haves-not to come party.

Olympics is 2 years away and I honestly hope Team Nigeria have started preparing and if not this is a wake-up call.

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