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‘When the Human Player Meets Nature’s Dribbler.’

When the mouth says “Hi, I knew you both live here … but the face says, “Alas, the feathers of my alias in dalliance has been clipped.” (credit: social media)

He adores beautiful things – flowers, stars, meadow, rainbow … and fortunately women are beautiful too but where he reduced himself to banter, blunder was the fact that instead of love he pirated lust and log online, offline as restless player.

A philosopher once said if you like a flower you’ll pluck but if you love you’ll water and nurture.

He wasn’t a racist though he’s got elements of chauvinism in him and he liked women of all class and races.

Blondes he calls ‘the yellow side of love’, brunettes he sings,  ‘chocolate-whispers’ and black-haired women he quips, ‘night in the air’ sometimes ‘night in the hair’ he claims night is synonymous to quiet, rest, and respite.

James had the charisma of Scott Disick; the swag of P-Diddy which could turn him from babe to bae in the hearts of the babes of this world.

He met a lady, Margaret at a coffee shop 3 weeks earlier … got her contact … later dropped her at her apartment. He’d swept her off her feet with his lyrics and Margaret won’t stop calling him, “Babe, I’m online now, let’s chat!”

On this day James met another babe, Cindy and after few days the lady invited him over to come meet her parents and he was surprised and voiced to himself, “The age of fast cars, food … is gone now it’s fast love, but James doesn’t need a wife but ladies and women, not even baby mamas so help me God!”

But it’s documented that heavens help those who help themselves.

He downed the Champagne content in his goblet, whispered ‘love to let’ grabbed his car key and sauntered out of his apartment the Royce Lambert mode. Yes the Lambert of the rested soap Empire.

He followed the direction he was given by Cindy and after driving for 10 minutes he finally located the building. You drive in most cars, you ride in some and you fly in selected few. James was soaring in his customized car.

He alighted from his car and walked majestically toward the gate but he cowered a bit and his ‘majesty’ became fantasy. He dramatically recollected he’d been to the house but couldn’t fix the puzzle.

Too many babes. Too m-a-n-y risks!

He stopped impulsively and as he was planning to go back into his car to resolve the issue lo and behold Margaret and Cindy emerged – good neighbours and friends came out of their building at the same time and both simultaneously chorused, ‘James!’

But the ‘James’ on their lips was a bullet on James’ heart and the James in him staggered  but the player in him took the baton, “Hi, I knew you both live here ….”



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