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French National Team in Russia 2018 Final.

Team France (credit: social media)

France beat Argentina (4-3) in the round of 16 Uruguay (2-0) in the quarter-finals and Belgium (1-0) in the semi-finals. France were defensive against Argentina but relied on their unrivalled counter-attacks to send their opponents home.

They didn’t refrigerate their attacks against Uruguay who didn’t perform up to expectations ….

They were calm and calculative against Belgium and coolly, steadily took their blows until they used decisive set piece against the giants – thanks to Umtiti’s header.

France have pace and they understand the anatomy and physiology of the flanks area of the pitch and may use against Croatia but the ‘Cics,’ never say never … and if the game ends in penalties no shaking for them but one team will win in the end.

Olivier Giroud may not have scored so far but his presence connotes threats hence opportunities and possibilities for his teammates to net. And may be very passionate to score at the final, which could favour or disfavor his team ….

The finalists France and Croatia beat Argentina 4-3 and 3-0 respectively.

France shared the spoils with Denmark in the group stage, same with Croatia but in the round of 16, but the latter beat them on penalties.

France also documented two clean sheets in the group stage (France 1-0 Peru; France 0-0 Denmark) and sure they have clean-sheets notoriety which means their defense is quite compact, intact and only Argentina had the privilege of scoring 3 goals against them but then France were ahead and won in the end.

Therefore any team that combat France must be sharp enough to convert their opportunities otherwise these French side will punish them in the end.

Wishing France and Croatia the very best of success.


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