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‘Mustapha’s Brushing Rituals’.

Brush and brushing are tools and laundry to teeth. (credit: social media)

Hajia Binta noticed that the lifespan of her toothpaste was becoming unusually short and she complained bitterly to her hubby, Mallam Aliyu but they never knew who was responsible.

Mustapha was a 5-year-old boy who had just been given the liberty, privilege to brush his teeth (by himself) and so Binta brought the toothpaste from height to ebb so his son could access.  

But all along that Binta’s toothpaste was dying prematurely she never suspected the learner-driver in their family whom she just issued driver’s license and she did because he had passed his driving test.

Now the suspense of driving alone was a thrill to the young driver, in fact more captivating than cartoon.

Thursday evening Binta noticed someone entering the bathroom and felt perhaps it was Aliyu but she kept hearing coughs and giggles © Mustapha and so she went to investigate and lo and behold the learner was busy driving the car of his teeth with brush and laughing excitedly.

Binta was furious and quickly grabbed him before he ran away. Of course she collected his brush and knew there and then that Mustapha was the one sending her toothpaste to the hangman’s noose but she was ingenious enough to tell him to open his mouth.

Poor Mustapha did, and injuries of various degrees presented their trauma and  the drama was insults to Binta ….

The poor boy had injured his gums – no thanks to his ritualistic driving sorry brushing.

In rounding off, your child may not have Mustapha’s idiosyncrasy but sure has that peculiar to him or her, so discover.

Remember some of these habits could be very dangerous.


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