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Your Experiences as Seeds from Your Environment

Experience as the best teacher. French President Emmanuel Macron at New Afrika Shrine.

In many neighbourhoods that I’ve lived mosques were either close by or not far away even those far away I hear the sermons of the clerics early in the morning.

Now if I say what Islamic clerics say or preach doesn’t impact me then I must be a liar and barrel of sentiments. In fact I learnt a lot from them and overtime I see them as specialists on vanity of life.

Because one of my parents liked the songs of Chief Ebenezer Obey Fabiyi I grew up embracing his music not to forget his of brand of juju music was (is) laced with wisdom and philosophy and under no circumstance will I say his music lacks message and merit. In fact the musician was a philosopher, and cleric in music and eventually became one in life.

Now if I say women are not smart God will drop the names and images of Ajoke Obatomi and Shade Ajayi in my mind especially the former and then voice, “In elementary school don’t tell me these girls didn’t give you a run for your money? In fact Ajoke was your Usain Bolt on the academics track.”

Nigerian talking drum specialist Ara with French President Emmanuel Macron. (credit: Sunday Alamba/AP)

Macron who had experienced Africa and likes the culture and her peoples will be excited to do more and more; and to many who still have ice-age pictures of Africa in their minds experience is the best teacher.

We love you Emmanuel Macron and I’m sure the taste of Africa was soothing and refreshing to you.

We @ olayemiogunojo.com wish you the very best in office and beyond.



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