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Proposal and Courtship Aspects of Relationships.

Kannywood actress Hadiza Gabon (credit: social media)

It takes a second to transform from boyfriend and girlfriend to fiancé and fiancée but ideally the music, “Will you marry me?” and “Yes I will!” must be released and received.

Now that second is experienced with the Yes though some might say it’s when the ring sits on the finger but personally I see the ring as ceremony.

Believe me many couples who are legally married today didn’t go through the proposal phase (first stride in courtship) of their relationship and in fact many just start talking about marriage after months or years of dating and ‘blur’ defines the courtship phase of such couples.

I once heard the story of a woman teasing her hubby. She said he never told her he loved her let alone propose and incidentally she ended up being his wife. How interesting!

Inspiration @ image: did you know you can propose to your girlfriend right there in the middle of the rain and you may add drama and go melodramatic if you as the man allow the rain to pour her Champagne on you as you propose.


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