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Russia 2018 Third Place Game: England 0-1 Belgium

Belgium vs England (credit: standard.co.uk)

There are some teams that will attack their opponents massively yet conscious of their rear and so they close their backdoor while going out and so the moment they lose possession they race as if they are pacing to execute counter-attacks and they succeed in stopping the attacks of their opponents.

The English team had probably forgotten that many goals credited to Belgium came from their unrivalled counter-attacks and when you go offensive at a team tested and trusted in that department of football you should be wary of your backyard.

The last-minute goal which doubles as the winning goal of Belgium against Japan came from counter-offensive which was spearheaded by Courtois, similar event had given Belgium the lead in this half.

France knew Belgium could beat them and so they were conscious of the various landmines Belgium had set for them and so they were able to stop Romelu Lukaku, Kevin Debruyne, Chadli et al and Belgium as a whole.

In fact Paul Pogba took it upon himself to suffocate Vincent Kompany man-to-man, height-to-height, after all the head defenders use to drive balls far away from their box they use to score in set pieces.

I can feel the hangover of England’s loss to Croatia and they definitely missed the input and services of Ashley Young and Dele Ali as well as Jese Lingard.  

England can fight back successfully if they are motivated and come out with productive pattern. Wishing both sides the very best of success.


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